Celebrity Skin Secrets NOT To Follow!

It’s true that there are some celebrities out there that truly look amazing, because they follow nature’s path and tick off all or most of the youthful skin secrets boxes.

But to my horror (and this is growing in popularity), as highlighted in the article I read, most of them become obsessed by very unnatural forms of looking and attempting to stay looking young, which in my view comes off as fake and unappealing.

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Recently, I read the most horrifying article recently about the 8 celebrity secrets of younger skin.

In a nutshell, they were…

1, Injectable fillers

2, Botox

3, Laser Therapy

4, Chemical peels

5, Makup artists

6, Stay out of the sun

7, Retinol anti-wrinkle creams

8, Digital air-brushing

Can you believe that people actually spend fortunes upon fortunes for the above (except for 6 and 8), just to temporarily keep their skin looking younger (if indeed this is what they actually achieve)?

This is how injectable fillers are described on Wikipedia –

“Injectable filler (injectable cosmetic filler, injectable facial filler) is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles, restoring a smoother appearance. Most of these wrinkle fillers are temporary because they are eventually absorbed by the body.”

Well, that’s useful then!

I don’t even want to get into laser therapy, chemical peels and retinol. And as for make up artists – does this make you look younger or just more attractive?

And don’t get me started on staying out of the sun. There’s this thing called Vitamin D which the body needs otherwise your body can’t absorb calcium effeciently. And you can’t produce Vitamin D if you don’t get any sun!

And as for botox… Well, I don’t know about you but I can spot this easily and to me it neither makes anyone look younger or more attractive… Fake is the word that comes to mind.


This image shows celebrities that regret having botox

And what kind of example does this kind of article set for the rest of us, especially since celebrities are trend setters and should follow nature’s path to better skin, not superficial ones.

I also read a similar, more down to earth article about what 10 of the young looking older celebrities do to keep their skin looking young, and not one of them mentioned diet, even though some of those celebrities are vegetarian, or undergo regular “natural” detox’s (as if cutting out meat and dairy is a special temporary diet…).

Diet and lifestyle I say counts for at least 75% of factors contributing to maintaining or acquiring (more) youthful skin, while the rest comes down to the environment you live in (whether polluted city or country living) and of course, the skincare and makeup products you use… (most skincare products will do your skin and body more damage than good of course!).

I would say diet and water intake (getting enough to allow your organs to function effectively) counts for most of the 75%, since your skin, an organ itself, is hugely influenced by the other systems of the body including circulatory and digestive. If you have healthy blood cells, a good immune system and low BMI (body mass index), you will find that your skin has far less toxicity and “problems” than someone who doesn’t have these things.

And a close second on the scale of importance, exercise… Because it is through exercise that we can better digest our food and burn fuel while helping blood flow and cell rejuvenation.

Yet this horrifying article detailing how celebrities look younger (or set themselves on a path to regret and self decay) doesn’t mention diet or exercise even once. It focuses purely on the external methods celebrities spend their money on, not on the simple lifestyle choices that people like Halle Berry, Demi Moore and Anne Hathaway follow, such as diet.

If the real truth were to become publicised, whether that is to become vegetarian, vegan or a raw foodist, the popularity of the article would likely plummet as changing diet involves lifestyle changes most are unwilling to make.

“Just tell me about the magic silver bullet that only celebrities have access to!”

At least that’s what the mainstream media thinks we want to hear about…

But 1, Nature is the best youth enhancer and anti-aging magic potion and 2, Youthful skin is accessible to everyone, not just celebrities!

Find out more about those in my next article.