Why You Should Avoid The Flu Jab…

If you are considering the flu jab, STOP and don’t do it until you’ve read this article. Then, send it to your friends too before its too late!


I was talking to a really nice lady the other day and she was noticing my cold, and said that her husband had been suffering with a cold for 3 weeks now, and couldn’t get rid of it.

She then mentioned they had both recently had the flu jab, but this was the last time they were going to do it as they were very suspicious now that he was ill.

This inspired me to want to write about this topic, as I know there is a big drive right now by the government in conjunction with the NHS to get as many people as possible to “immunise” against the flu.

The funny thing about the word immunisation, is that this is what our bodies naturally do anyway. We fight viruses and nasty cells everyday, including cancer cells. That’s exactly what our white blood cells do.

Our bodies are amazing. If we get ill, it’s our bodies way of telling us to slow down, change what we’re doing, detox or fast and if possible, to not put ourselves under stress and pressure during this time.

I mentioned this in my last video in the post below this one.

So to suggest that by injecting our bodies with the actual virus of flu itself, on a diluted level of course, to then make our bodies fight that to strengthen against the very thing we’re injecting our bodies with, is absolute madness.

It was even reported in the Telegraph in Feb 2015* last year that the flu jab was pointless in their article, due to the fact that the main strain in infleunza has mutated from the type used in the jab, which meant more deaths last winter from flu since 16 years ago in 99/00.

Even if there was a chance that the jab could work, what if our bodies were healthy at the time of the injection and there is actually no need to pump our bloodstream full of really nasty toxin filled stuff just to give us even more work to do in the Winter when immunity is already low anyway?

Doesn’t make any sense.

Statistically, after doing some research, the flu jab works for 1.5% of people. That’s a 98.5% chance that it won’t work!

This is findings based on research from the Lancet’s* long report. This was a report NOT funded by Big Pharma by the way…

Also, there are up to 300 different strains of the flu virus, so it’s complete guesswork by scientists as to which one will be the dominant one each season. Get it wrong, and you can actually accelerate the fatality rate…

There are also up to 18 toxins in addition to the virus itself. God only knows why! One of them includes formaldehyde and this among many others helps to ‘preserve’ the vaccine.

To me, its a way for big pharma to make a few billion profit since the jabs are sold to the NHS, and without wanting to go further into conspiracy theory, if everyone were healthy then the big pharma’s would stop making money….  Not that I think it is this black and white, but it definitely centres around profit.

So if something makes profit for a gigantic corporation, it will do its very best to make immunisation actually very “normal” and “accepted.” And that means an advertising drive on billboards, TV, posters and in the media in general. Is that advertising free?

Essentially you could see it as your own money being spent on this (taxpayers I mean).

The worst part of all this isn’t even the profit, it’s the crazy logic behind any kind of immunity jab in general, and the idea that we have to make our bodies stronger by injecting loads of crap into it.

If you are ill, just drink water or eat fruit for a few days (like I’m doing).

But if you are not ill and want to prevent illness, keep doing what your doing that keeps you feeling and looking healthy, whether its exercise, diet, water intake and things that give you a general sense of well being.

Just DON’T immunise.

And I don’t make any profit from writing this…

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