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The Power Of Fruit Fasting… Day 4!

You may have worked out from some of my previous blogs I’m a bit of a purist.

It’s in my nature. I’m human. I was born to eat naturally…

And so when I get ill, I make sure to do one thing – I go on a fruit fast.

You may have worked out from some of my previous blogs I’m a bit of a purist.

It’s in my nature. I’m human. I was born to eat naturally…

And so when I get ill, I make sure to do one thing – I go on a fruit fast.

You can see Day 3 (yesterday) on my YouTube channel here –

This is the third time I’ve been ill this year, and each time I simply stop eating my regular diet and fast out whatever it is that needs to detox, or if it’s caused by some level of emotional stress and pain, then to see what comes up during the detox.

This time I’m hitting Winter and so I’m a little bit nervous, due to a perception that the body’s reliance on cooked food to stay warmer, which is a myth by the way. I mean yes you do drop fat and weight in general so you will be less layered so to speak, but your body will still generate internal heat to combat the external cold. It just “feels” harder because the body is addicted to cooked food, salt, fat and toxins in general.

You are pretty much at war with your addictions when you fruit fast, so my number one tip is that before you even consider doing something this extreme, to ensure you have a favourite fruit that you eat on a regular basis to help you get through it, something that excites your taste buds and makes you feel good.

For me, it’s dates. I have easy access to regular dates on a regular basis (and I’m talking about the eating kind by the way). I show these Jasmine dates in my video as well, and I believe you can also buy them online as they are great value for money (£2.50 per box).


If I mix and blend them and chop up bananas, I’m getting a really filling, nutritious lunch. Then in the evening even though I have just eaten fruit for 3 days already and I’m on my 4th day, I will start to eat lettuce, kale, tomatoes (which is a fruit anyway) and spring onions.

I pretty much have become a raw foodist, without the fats, at least temporarily.

And it’s “tough”. I mean “really” tough.

But if you want to overhaul something in your life and get through a difficult time, and you are getting ill repeatedly over time, then sometimes you have to shift something in your diet before you can embrace and accept what it is you are feeling/experiencing, and move to a more abundant, happier place where things flow and happen in a sequence and style more to your liking and attuned to your true self.

At the same time if your skin is not glistening, glowing and radiant even if you do have lines, wrinkles, lines or it’s not the skin of a baby (your skin can still be radiant by the way), then this is the number one thing that you can do to for your skin to shine like a God or Goddess.

Although I am snivelling less today, my body aches, my mind is begging me to stop (lets just call that my ego) and I feel like wanting to sleep (I don’t want to sleep during the day or else I won’t sleep at night), I am feeling grateful that I have this opportunity to focus number one on my health with the capacity to live in the present and embrace each moment, even if it feels torturous at times.

It’s a chance to meditate, write, go in nature, or like me, keep hustling because I have something worthy to share and I know this can help others who are open to that change, not just in their skin but in their health and happiness!